Hello world!

And welcome to my new webspace.  In the late ’90’s, a personal webpage was a fun background, a few graphics, and your favorite links.  You got to dress up a little corner of the web.  For me, the hobby grew to include resumes, galleries of art, and categorized link pages.  Then, for fun, I took on the challenge of creating something original, a page with wide appeal, something that would cause Geocities to shut you down for a period every month because your visitors have exceeded your free bandwidth allowance.

Fun, prestige, sharing favorite links, and the challenge of generating lots of traffic.  I’ve played with all of those things.  Now, with my friends and family spread across the country, I envision this webspace as a dynamic vehicle to keep in touch with your close friends.  A way to interact.  So don’t be shy about posting comments to entries that speak to you.  Please feel free to drop me a “Shout Out.”  Friends, keep in touch.  Visitors, enjoy the “sites”!

Dr. Seuss. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” [Quotes of the Day]