Followups & updates

Things are still very busy here. With first quarter winding down, I’m pleased by what I’ve been able to accomplish with my students this year. Time away from school has been divided between my software project, a couple of computer hobbies, and a narrow social life. As the holidays approach, I expect the latter to ramp up.

I’m also trying to work on exactly what I need to get my dad’s notebook computer to wirelessly connect to his dialup Internet service. He needs to not be tethered to a cord, and broadband is not available where he lives. All I’ve come across on the web have been vague references to certain wireless routers with COM ports to hook up with certain external modems. All theory, no concrete brands and models. If you know something about this, please drop me a line.

Cassini continues to make fascinating observations of Saturn. Here’s one of many such stories.

Saturn’s Perfect Storms (Astrobiology Magazine) – Saturn is the windiest planet in the solar system, which is one mystery of the ringed giant. Imagine not what qualifies as a terrestrial hurricane with category five status assigned beyond one hundred miles-per-hour. On Saturn the superstorms can produce a thousand mph wind.

I wrote my Rathergate entry immediately after Dan Rather “apologized” for running his political attack piece. Since then, CBS seems to want to proceed as if nothing happened. I’ve chosen a couple of slightly different viewpoints that have appeared since my first story.

All eyes are on Rather’s future (Variety). Variety – NEW YORK — The morning after Dan Rather admitted the biggest mistake of his career, he agreed to go on Larry King’s primetime show and talk about the worst crisis ever to strike a network news anchor.   (more…)

A hundred-dozen cookies

My computer is infested.  No, not with viruses or worms.  And I’m not talking about the adware that I have to regularly scrape off my hard drive like barnacles from a ship.  The more I dig around my computer recording settings I want to keep beyond my planned system upgrades, the more I find “junk.”  Like twelve hundred cookies.  Twelve hundred.
I’m not a complete “anti-cookie” rebel, either.  I enjoy not having to sign in to select sites every time I visit.  But there has to be a better way to manage these little files.  I can guarantee that of the twelve hundred, there are less than twenty I consider helpful to me.  I changed my browser settings to prompt me before it accepts any cookies, but at the rate I’m going, I’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking my mouse all the time to block the cookies I don’t want.  The modern realities of the worldwide web, I guess.

Salvador Dali. “There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.” [Quotes of the Day]