Dawn mission

I guess I can’t take full credit for jinxing this mission.  After all, the mission had already been canceled once, uncancelled, and then put on “stand down” status before I even got involved in the project.  The mission of Dawn is to study Vesta and Ceres, two bodies in the asteroid belt, and Dawn will be the first to visit multiple bodies under its own power, in particular using its new ion thrusters.  And my involvement  … well, I am one of the space enthusiasts whose name (and Angie’s, I take full responsibility for that) is carried on the craft embedded in a microchip mounted between the forward thruster and the high gain antenna.

Of course, after we became involved the mission was canceled.

Then, the manufacturer of the Dawn spacecraft, Orbital Sciences Corporation, appealed, offering to finish Dawn at cost in order to gain experience in this new field.  Just a couple of days ago, the mission is back on again.  Angie and I are going into space.

That is, if we don’t jinx it again….

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