Marriage encounter


I joke sometimes about our yearly pilgrimage to the corn maze as being our “marriage encounter.”  As with most humor, there is a seed of truth hidden in the joke – I highly recommend the experience.

The maze gets you outside in the most beautiful time of the year.  It’s a neutral ground, where you are posed with a challenging task that is both physical and mental and must be completed together.  Well, I guess it isn’t necessary to complete it together, but that’s part of the fun for us.  You make decisions together.  You listen to one another.  You walk and get a lot of exercise.  You test your mind at each checkpoint as you answer the trivia questions.  You enjoy hanging around the farm afterwards, watching kids put quarters in the three-story tall gumball coaster in the barn.  Sometimes you pick out a pumpkin or two to decorate your porch at home.  You have a nice date in Columbia afterwards.

What better way to improve your marriage than by spending good quality time with each other?

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