See you at the new clubhouse!

This will be my last post at Please meet up with me again at my own domain:

Though there hasn’t been much apparent activity on the weblog in a couple of months, a lot has been going on under the hood. I’ve been planning to jazz up the site a little bit. A few things have been broken on the weblog side, so I’m moving the whole shebang to my own server to better control how the different pieces fit with one another. The appearance of the site will hopefully be a little less bland as I introduce a new concept into the design: color. I hope to fix those things that have broken in the past year or two as well.

Any techies out there might also be interested that I’m rewriting the code of my weblog from the ground up to have a table-less three column main page achieved through cascading style sheets. The entire process could take me up to around Christmastime as I chip away at it.  

The forum side is going to remain basically the same, with the same spice and polish being added to unify it with the weblog. Please make use of those forums. They are my clubhouse and you’re invited to the party!

I don’t have a solid timetable on when things will switch over, but if you keep using the new address, you will be fine. Once I’m settled in to my new environs, I’ll get back to the right-brained side of this more regularly. I expect it to continue to evolve as I rediscover and sharpen my “blogging voice.” I may even take this journal (and you) to a few new “places.” Stay tuned: this could be fun!

Until then, take care, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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