proposalAfter jotting down some notes in Angie’s file, after recommending she drink lots of Gatorade (for the electrolytes), after she explained about how sick she’s been after last week’s recess duty in close to one hundred degree weather on a shadeless blacktop playground … after all that, our doctor looked at us and smiled.  “My wife and I just saw a movie I think you two would really like.  It’s called The Proposal.”

I’d seen the trailers before.  Kind of a “chick flick,” I had thought at the time.  Not that I was being dismissive; there are many “chick flicks” I have enjoyed watching.  Fifty First Dates was good fun.  The Legally Blonde movies were entertaining as they gleefully poked fun at the legal profession.  Come to think of it, when I used the word “chick flick,” I really meant “date movie.”  A “chick flick” is something you’d see on the Lifetime network or Oxygen.  Date movie is a much better description of what I’m talking about, and is more inclusive of great comedy-action movies like The Princess Bride and The Incredibles.  

The Proposal is definitely a date movie and we thought it was a lot of fun.  From the uncomfortable and halting, “Can’t, can’t fight a love like ours,” as Margaret awkwardly pats her assistant on the shoulder to the very end, the movie is both hilarious and endearing.  You see, Margaret has made a “deal” with Andrew, her executive assistant, to marry in order to avoid deportation to Canada and loss of her career.  As they journey forward from this decision, we learn there is much more to each of the characters than you would expect.  Add to that family members, a skeptical and pertinacious immigration official, and a quilt known as the Babymaker, and you have what I think is one of Sandra Bullock’s most hilarious and enjoyable films.

The movie The Proposal was by far the funniest prescription we’ve ever left a doctor’s office with.